Lake museum

For one of the prettiest villages in North Evia we will write the following lines. This is the beautiful town of Limni or Elymnio that is now the capital of the municipality.

In the area that Limni is situated was an ancient city called Elymnion.

Saint Anna’s Museum

70Km from Chalkis at an altitude of 300 meters is built St. Anna, which is the capital of the municipality Nileos. The name of the Saint Anna comes from the famous and miraculous icon of St. Anna, which is the namesake of the village church.

The Bull of Oreon

It was once situated with an identical twin at the harbor entrance, protected by high walls, which fell during the Hellenistic period by a strong earthquake.

Possibly both bulls shattered and rammed into the sand of the sea, and since then no one searched for them.

One bull was found in the middle of the last century and thereafter became the symbol of the region and village.